Frequently Asked Questions

For Students: 

Any more questions? We have the answer. 

The process of finding your dream internship is easy and user friendly. Login, fill out your profile and be found by companies abroad. 

    • easyinternational is an online platform that helps students from all over the world to find an internship abroad. The platform flips the common model - students are found and contacted by companies. Not the other way around. 
  • Because living abroad and gaining international work experience ultimately enriches the lives of people!

    It is a time saver! Don´t write hundreds of applications. Once your profile is set up, you will be found by your dream internship.

    It is easy and digital. 

    • easyinternational is 100% free for students. 

  • Register and complete your profile plus the personality test and video recording. Companies will contact you. 

    You will receive notifications as soon as companies want to get in touch with you. 

  • The more complete your profile is, the higher the possibility to be found and contacted by companies. We recommend to fill out the profile completely, including the personality test and the recorded video.
    • A full profile is very important, as it helps companies to get a better picture of who you are and therefore improves the matching. This process makes sure that you are only contacted by companies that are a good match for you.
    • Within your profile, you have the "record video" function. Simply click on the record button and accept. The video is important because employers get a direct impression of who you are. You can convince the company that you are the intern they have been waiting for. 
    • There is a matching feature integrated in the platform. As soon as you register and complete your profile we match your information with online positions. Companies will see your profile with a matching score and will get in contact with you. You receive a notification on the platform and via email as soon as companies send a contact request. 
    • Once you are found by a company that is interested in you, it is up to you to accept their contact request. If you accept, you can use the online video and chat function to get in touch.
    • Sometimes your dream internship does not match the preferred country or time. In that case, we recommend to widen your search criteria. Instead of an internship in London, you might want to explore Dublin as well? The more open your search criteria is, the higher the chances that a company will find you. 
    • Our platform has all features to make an internship placement as quickly as possible. Short communication paths help you to directly get in touch with your future employer. The internship can find you within a day. Remember, the more open your search criteria the more employers will see you. 
    • It depends on the company you are doing your internship with. Some companies pay more than others. Before accepting the contact request of a company, look for the salary information on their profile.  You decide, whether the salary fits your requirements or not.  
    • easyinternational is a platform that helps you to start your internship abroad by connecting you with companies worldwide. The organization of the trip is not yet part of our service. 
    • We offer e-signing on the platform. You will receive the contract online and will be able to sign it with a few clicks. Within the EU, there is no need for a visa. If your internship is outside the EU, you need to organize your visa. Also ask your future employer if they have advice for you. 
    • Simply request a new one using the "I forgot my password" function on the Login side. 
  • If you wish to delete your account, you can simply notify us via a button within your profile. Your profile will then be deleted.